House mice are one of the most common pests in the world, and East Central Indiana is no exception. They are common in homes and businesses, usually populating quickly. They are hard to eradicate completely because as small as they are, they're aware of their surroundings and notice when humans set unusual objects in their territory. To schedule a home inspection, contact us through our online contact form or call us.

Getting Rid of House Mice

  • TGetting rid of house mice in East Central Indianahe biggest step to eradicating house mice infestations is finding out how the mice got in. Identifying and sealing entry points will help us make sure we've negated the likelihood of future problems.
  • General cleanliness in homes will go a long way in preventing mice from enjoying spending time in your home.
  • Live trapping and snap traps are also options for mouse removal.

Problems with House Mice

  • Unfortunately for humans, mice are drawn into their homes by human food sources, shelter and warmth.
  • Mice are notoriously unhygienic since they spend so much time in sewers and dumpsters. They can easily transfer the pathogens they gather to humans through direct or indirect contact, so it's important not to handle mice without proper equipment.
  • Mice should not be underestimated when it comes to causing structural damage.
  • Chewing is a big issue when it comes to mice — their teeth grow constantly so to keep the length under control, they have to constantly chew items.
    • Some commonly chewed items include newspapers, support beams, books, and other similar relatively soft materials.

Trapping & Removing Mice

House mice aren't very sneaky and infestations can be detected early. Once the first signs of activity appear, property owners should contact the professionals at Critter Control of East Central Indiana to deal with the problem. Our trained technicians have the tools and extensive knowledge of house mouse behavior to quickly and safely remove infestations.

We can help you figure out how to get rid of mice and keep them from returning.  Call today!

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As small as mice are, they can create major damage. If you're hearing sounds like this inside, then you might have mice hiding somewhere in your house.
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