Chipmunks are crafty members of the squirrel family. They are mischievous and notoriously hard to deal with. They can cause structural damage to residents' homes and can leave a mass of hazardous droppings and urine behind in your attic or walls. Critter Control of East Central Indiana has faced many chipmunk issues and can help you resolve yours! Call us today or schedule an inspection with us here.

GETTING RID OF CHIPMUNKSChipmunk removal East Central Indiana

Chipmunks mostly stay close to the ground and dig burrows for food storage and shelter. These small critters are great tree climbers and are masters of scaling structures like fences, which leads to conflict between the animals and property owners. Critter Control will implement a number of prevention and removal methods to keep your chipmunk problem under control, including:

  • humane trapping & removal
  • removing potential food sources
  • wildlife damage repair & restoration
  • wildlife prevention & management

Frequent Chipmunk Problems

As natural chewers, chipmunks are considered pests. Chipmunks can cause a number of problems such as:

  • extensive chewing on household items such as furniture, carpets, walls, roofs, electrical wires, etc
  • damages to gardens and vegetations, bird feeders, and other lawn decorations
  • if their numbers are left unchecked, chipmunks can damage structures with their burrowing habits.
  • foundations, patios, and sidewalks are at elevated risk during infestations.
  • chipmunks are also known to steal bird eggs, which can negatively impact local bird populations.

Gardeners can attempt to fence in crops but chipmunks possess the athletic ability to climb over or burrow under setups like fences. To reduce the possibility of chipmunk infestations, individuals should attempt to remove their favorite food sources from the immediate area, such as the seeds found in birdfeeders. However, eradicating all sources of sustenance is difficult because chipmunks are clever.

Chipmunk Trapping & Removal Services

When basic deterrents and exclusion methods fail, Critter Control of East Central Indiana can step in to save the day. Simply waiting for chipmunks to leave is a mistake that only allows infestations to escalate. Get ahead of the issue and trust our trained technicians to get rid of the pests as quickly and safely as we can.

We can help you get rid of chipmunk problems. Call today for chipmunk removal help!

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