Armadillos are highly adaptable creatures and can thrive anywhere there is sufficient food and water supplies. When you experience a armadillo control problem, it is important to trust the professionals. Contact Critter Control today. Give us a call or click HERE to schedule an inspection.

Getting Rid of Armadillos

Armadillo In TrapArmadillos are capable of significant foundation damage. Critter Control of East Central Indiana offers professional armadillo control services that will get rid of the critter and identify any areas of damage. Your technician will create a prevention plan to keep armadillos away! Trust the professionals. Our extensive list of services include:

  • Wildlife trapping
  • Wildlife damage repair
  • Wildlife prevention
  • Home services

Common Armadillo Problems

Armadillos utilize roads, railroads, and bridges to move from one place to another. Since they burrow along these paths, armadillos weaken the structural integrity of roadways and can cause accidents. The digging habits of armadillos also create structural problems for homes. Additionally, armadillos can carry and transmit diseases. In fact, the animal is the only mammal that can be infected with Hansen's disease, more commonly known as leprosy.

Armadillo Removal Services

Since armadillos can carry diseases, individuals should never approach them without professional assistance. Trained wildlife specialists understand and utilize the best trapping practices and humanely remove armadillos from infested properties. Contact a Critter Control professional before attempting to remove or trap any possibly dangerous wildlife.

We can help you get rid of armadillo problems. Call today!

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