Raccoon Problems & Raccoon Trapping in Kokomo and Muncie

Raccons are among the most common nuisance animals in Kokomo, Muncie and the rest of Indiana. These critters can be noisy and cause considerable damage or messes when nesting or feeding on your property. Critter Control of East Central Indiana's trained experts will handle your raccoon problems in a safe, humane and efficient manner. If you have raccoons in your house, our technicians will:

Remove raccoons

If you've found raccoons in your attic, crawl space, garage or someplace else on your property, our technicians will carefully remove them. Because raccoons can carry disease and are capable of causing injury when handled, raccoon removal and raccoon trapping should be left to professionals.

Exclude raccoons

Once all raccoons are safely removed from your property, the next step is to make sure they don't return. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your crawl space, attic or other area of concern to determine how raccoons got in or may enter in the future. Our technicians will then seal all entry points to exclude raccoons. Critter Control staff can also complete inspections as a preventative measure if you've never had a raccoons in your house, but want to avoid raccoon problems.

Clean up and repair raccoon damage

Raccoon colonies can cause major damage in your attic, garage or crawl space. They also frequently leave large amounts of waste and debris. Our technicians can clean and disinfect the problem area, repair any damage and resolve other problems caused by raccoons.